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“All of a sudden it seems like there is a movement afoot of people saying we’re going to push back.” “And you know what? There should be a pushback.”

Henry Blodgett, in Why We Need Labor Unions After All

Anyway, it would be great if companies would start sharing their wealth voluntarily. But, as yet, with a couple of notable exceptions (Apple recently gave its store employees a raise it didn’t need to give them), they’ve shown no signs of doing that.

So if companies can’t be persuaded to do this on their own, maybe it’s time for executives to rethink their view of labor unions.

Even the business community (the ones who care about the country and its people anyway) recognize that things are waaaayyyyout of balance, and we need labor unions to push back against the greed. Working people can’t take on the immense power of giant corporations alone, People banding together so they have collective power at least have a chance.

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