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Today Bain Capital’s Sensata is laying off all of its workers and moving all of the jobs to China. The workers asked Mitt Romney to help, and he refused. Did Bain Capital choose the day before the election to say “Ha Ha” to the country and our jobs? Are they setting the stage for a possible Romney economy?

Over at The 99 Uniting see The Romney Economy Didn’t Work for the Workers of Sensata

On Election Day, Tom Gaulrapp is going to get up in the morning, go vote, and then sign up for unemployment compensation for the first time in his life.

When the workers of Sensata Technologies—a Bain Capital-owned company that Mitt Romney still profits from—found out their jobs are going to China, they realized Romney’s pledge to protect American workers was an empty one.

The workers in Freeport, Illinois know firsthand what a Romney Economy means for America. Hundreds will be out of work this November because of it. And they’re hoping you keep them in mind when you cast your ballot for president.
◾Mitt Romney says he’s going to be “tough on China” as president and create 12 million jobs, but he’s refused to help Sensata workers. So why would it be any different for other American workers if he were CEO of this country?
◾Sensata has made a hefty profit the last few years — and more than $41 million in the third quarter of 2012 alone. Bain has quadrupled its investment in the company. Romney and Bain have a backwards way of saying thanks to the workers who made that possible.
◾Bain Capital has even flown in Chinese workers to be trained by the Americans they’re replacing.
◾Mitt Romney has shifted over $700,000 in personally-owned Sensata stock to a private foundation in order to avoid paying taxes on the company’s growth and success.

Please visit where the workers are telling their stories — possibly your story as well.

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