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Today, the Campaign for America's Future unveiled Voter Guide which allows you to see how often your representatives in Congress vote for the middle class. A whopping 181 scored a big fat zero.

But we didn't want this data to just collect dust on the Internet shelf. We want to get this info to the people that need to know it. And you can help.

We're launching an online ad campaign targeting 10 of the worst opponents of the middle class, whom political analysts have determined are in danger of losing re-election and who are facing strong middle champions on Election Day.

When people go online to search for information about their representative, what they'll see is his or her pathetic score from Voter Guide, and ability to click and find out the disturbing details.

And you can help fund this campaign, to help make sure as many voters as possible in these key districts get the information they need to make an informed vote.

The target list is:

Rep. Jeff Denham CA-10
Rep. Mary Bono Mack CA-36
Rep. Mike Coffman CO-6
Rep. Frank Guinta NH-1
Rep. Charles Bass NH-2
Rep. Jim Gerlach PA-6
Rep. Michael Fitzpatrick PA-8
Rep. Tim Johnson IL-13
Rep. Tom Reed NY-23
Rep. Paul Ryan WI-1

And for every $10 you contribute, you'll help this campaign reach 1,000 voters.

For some of these races, that might be enough to make the difference. It might be enough to determine who controls Congress.

If these congresspeople don't want to share their voting record with their constituents, help us do the job for them.

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