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After a series of blatantly dishonest Mitt Romney campaign ads have been saturating the airwaves — one even editing audio to make it sound as if the President said something that he never said –our media elites have finally found an ad to click their tongues at. A pro-Obama ad from super PAC Priorities USA Action features Joe Soptic explaining what happened to his wife after the Bain Capital laid him off, taking away their health insurance. The ad has not even been run on TV

The Ad

This is the ad:

Note, this is not an Obama campaign ad. It is illegal for a campaign to coordinate or even communicate or coordinate with these outside groups.

The Romney campaign responded with an ad saying that this ad came from the Obama campaign itself — yet another in a series of lies from the Romney campaign.

The Facts

The business of Romney’s company Bain Capital and other private equity companies is to make money for its investors using various schemes. Commonly they buy other companies, reduce costs, borrow money so interest can be deducted against profits, thereby cutting taxes, and reducing costs including by laying people off or forcing wage and benefit cuts. The borrowed money is used to pay the investors, leaving the purchased company with debt and large debt service payments. This is how companies like Bain Capital can make so much money, even though the acquired companies are weakened and might eventually be forced out of business.

This ad by SuperPAC Priorities USA Action features one such laid-off worker describing the effect on his family from the loss of health insurance that happened when he was laid off.

This ad hits at Romney two ways. First, it describes the kind of damage done to people by the type of “Walmartization” business practices that Romney’s company engaged in. It also reminds people how important it is to have health insurance at a time when Romney is campaigning on a promise to get rid of “Obamacare.”

Elite Media Finally Find An Ad To Click Tongues At

Again, this was not an Obama campaign ad, and has never been aired on TV. Contrast the elite media reaction to this ad with their reaction to the dishonest ads that the Romney campaign has been running on TV, using doctored audio, claiming Obama is “gutting welfare reform,” accusing Obama of “war on religion,” accusing Obama of corruption, etc. The media elites say this ad, showing what happens to families when they are laid off and lose their health insurance, “crossed a line.” Not calling a sitting President a “Marxist” ot the lie about “death panels” or “palling around with terrorists” or doctored audio in an ad from a presidential candidate — but explaining the tragedy of being laid off and losing health insurance is what “crosses a line.”

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For the third day in a row, reporters peppered the White House and Obama campaign about the new ad, which CNN fact-checked Tuesday and found to be inaccurate.

CBS: Negative presidential campaign ads going to new extremes,

One such ad, from Priorities USA Action, which is a top outside group supporting Mr. Obama, features former Missouri steelworker Joe Soptic saying, “When Mitt Romney and Bain closed the plant, I lost my health care.”

Republicans and even some Democrats call the ad a new low.

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