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This Republican convention is the convention that assumes (hopes) that everyone has amnesia and will forget … everything. They hope you forget that the budget was balanced before they got in last time, that the economy was doing great before they got in last time and that there were jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs before the got in last time. They especially want you to forget George 'W' Bush.

Amnesia Items

Here are some of the items they need you to have amnesia about. Otherwise they know they are in real trouble:

George "W" Bush. Not at the convention.

Dick Cheney. Not at the convention.

Sarah Palin. Not at the convention. (Unless she is the "mystery speaker.")

The fact that when Bush took office the country had a huge budget surplus and we were paying off the debt.

The fact that Bush's last budget had a $1.4 trillion deficit. Tax cuts, two wars plus doubling the military budget… (Oh yeah, crashing the economy… forgot about that…)

The fact that there were 55,000+ more factories and I forget (amnesia?) how many millions more manufacturing jobs in the US before Bush took office.

The job-creation record of presidents Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Clinton and Obama compared to the job-creation record of Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush I and Bush II.

The Iraq War.

The reasons we were given for invading Iraq.

No-bid contracts that went to insiders. We're supposed to forget brick-shaped stacks of money wrapped in plastic, on pallets. We're supposed to forget Custer Battles. Or conservative ideologues in their 20s recruited to manage Iraq reconstruction.

The Wall Street bailouts. (And seriously, forget about "non-reviewable by any court or any agency.")

Hurricane Katrina, and all those people trapped in the New Orleans Superdome, and the Bush government not even bringing water to all of those people. How it revealed a network of crony "contractors" like that "FEMA bus" company. The post-Katrina recovery contractor scams.

The CIA briefing memo that was titled, "Bin Laden determined to strike in US." After it was presented, Bush said, "You've covered your ass now," and spent the day fishing.

Well, I'm starting to remember, and as I remember I am getting angrier and angrier. Gotta stop here.

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