Romney Spokesperson Admits It: Romney Plans To Privatize Medicare [VIDEO]

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John Sununu, top Romney campaign spokesperson, went on MSNBC’s Hardball tonight with a message that the Romney budget and the Romney Medicare plan is not the same as his vice-presidential choice Rep. Paul Ryan. When asked “are you still with Ryan” Sununu responded, “No, I’m still with Romney … Forget Ryan’s plan.”

Then he described Romney’s Medicare plan … which is the same thing as the Ryan Medicare plan: privatize it.

SUNUNU: Medicare is going to be covered by guaranteeing to everybody 55 and over that they can have Medicare exactly as it is today. No change. …

CHRIS MATTHEWS: But the future of Medicare under the Ryan and Romney plan is to replace a fee-for-service program … with a voucher plan, when you got to go out and buy insurance in the private market. That’s what they want to do. Both of them.

SUNUNU: But that happens for people under 55.

MATTHEWS: But why is that a good deal?


SUNUNU: Why is it a good deal? Because I’d rather have a private insurance policy than a government insurance policy any day.

To review:

Romney’s campaign spokesperson says the Romney plan is to privatize Medicare for all Americans currently under 55 years of age.

Now we know.

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