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Again and again ads are showing up that use doctored quotes to fool the public into thinking that President Obama said something he didn’t say. If the election is won using lies, what will the country be like in a few years?

In Oakland this week President Obama said this about how the Clinton tax plan led to a huge budget surplus,

I’ll cut out government spending that’s not working, that we can’t afford, but I’m also going to ask anybody making over $250,000 a year to go back to the tax rates they were paying under Bill Clinton, back when our economy created 23 million new jobs — (applause) — the biggest budget surplus in history and everybody did well.

Just like we’ve tried their plan, we tried our plan — and it worked. That’s the difference. (Applause.) That’s the choice in this election. That’s why I’m running for a second term.

So now there is this new Romney campaign ad, editing pieces of what President Obama said in Oakland to falsely claim he said his plan had fixed the unemployment problem:

Last November Mitt Romney ran an ad with a doctored quote, and not only got away with it, he was able to win the Republican nomination. The press gave a pass on the first use, so it happened again. Romney ran an ad that edited audio to completely fabricate a quote, and got away with it. So then another campaign did the same. And now, this.

The press is giving the Romney campaign a pass on lying and fabricating quotes. So it is becoming standard practice to run tens of millions of dollars of ads with fabricated quotes in them.

If the election is won using lies, what will the country be like in a few years?

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