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If our government just did the infrastructure work it has to do anyway eventually, much of the unemployment emergency would go away and the economy would get better. It’s just that simple. But they won’t.

Infrastructure = Internal Improvements That Support Business

Yesterday conservatives went on a full-scale right-wing “hissy-fit,” mocking the idea that government should invest in internal improvements like fixing roads and bridges, calling infrastructure maintenance and modernization just more “government spending.”

The fact is that business can’t exist without government to build the support systems that enable the businesses to do business. This weird right-wing Ayn Randian, libertarian anti-government ideology that has taken hold in the Republican Party is funded by billionaires who want everything for themselves. But our refusal to keep our infrastructure up to date is hurting businesses, too.

Atrios writes,

I imagine I’ll write a version of this post a million times, but the people in charge are failures. If, in January 2009, I given a rough outline of what would happen in policy, the economy, and the financial system over the next 3.5 years, people would have thought I was crazy. No one would have believed that the people in charge would tolerate such sustained high unemployment. And yet they have. It is indeed a choice. They can make things better but they have chosen not to.

Exactly. The DC elites have chosen not to fix the jobs emergency. Simple as that.

Here’s my bet: If Romney gets into office the Republicans will launch a major, major infrastructure repair and modernization project that will put millions to work and boost the economy. They say they are against it now, because they want this high unemployment making Obama look bad. But if they get in office they will be for it after they were against it, because it is what will work, and they know it.

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