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Yesterday I discussed Mitt Romney’s outsourcing problem with David Pakman on the David Pakman show.

The strangest aspect of the Romney campaign strategy is the disconnect between the claim that his business experience is what qualifies him to be president, and the inability to honestly describe his business experience.

That’s because he was compelled to stretch what his private equity business was all about: calling himself a job creator when private equity is simply not about creating jobs.

So when stories inevitably arise about the times when he was involved in job losses, be it through layoffs or outsourcing, the Romney campaign is forced to be dishonest, such as making a silly distinction between “outsourcing” and “offshoring” when either way it means shifting jobs out of the country instead of finding ways to create jobs.

Romney has another option.

He could convince the public he knows how to create jobs by having policy ideas that independent economists agreed would create jobs.

He just has to reject every proposal produced by the House Republicans in the past two years, and stop trying to rehash the failed policies of President George W. Bush.

Crazy I know. But it just might work!

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