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This week on The Breakdown we reviewed our nation's ongoing financial mess with Firedoglake's David Dayen, talked with housing superheroes from the Home Defenders League, and prepped for the Wisconsin governor's recall with journalist Amanda Terkel and activist Melissa Ryan.

We also discussed the jobs report - we're already in an austerity economy, folks - and Mayor Bloomberg's ban on large-sized sodas in New York City. Where Dr. Pepper goes, can popcorn be far behind?

Melissa Ryan of the New Organizing Institute, who's on the ground in Wisconsin for the election, discussed the successes Wisconsin has achieved by melding online activism with traditional organizing. And Amanda Terkel, who's done a great job covering Wisconsin for the Huffington Post, told us what to look for in today's results.

Jeff Ordower and Ruby Brown discussed the Home Defenders League's plan to turn underwater homeowners into a political force, which is already bearing fruit. And David Dayen didn't just discuss economic issues. He noted that a lot of things are "driving me nuts" lately.

Guess it's an occupational hazard. The episode's here.

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