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Suppose the "deficit hawk" plan unfolds just as it is being presented -- right after the election and before those we elect can take office, the Congress meets and hammers out a "grand bargain" to "reform" taxes and cut back on government and the things democracy does for We, the People. Will that be the end of it? Will the country move on from deficit hysteria to a new lobbyist-manufactured "crisis?"

The "grand bargain" is the DC-elite idea that the "two sides" can "make a deal" to "solve" the deficit, in which we "reform the tax code" and cut entitlements and other things government does for people, and then everyone will be happy. Yesterday the country was treated to another billionaire-funded PR event, with lots of elites gathering to warn of impending doom if we don't cut bank on the things democracy does for us. And, while we're at it, "reform" the tax system to make us more "business-friendly" for the "job creators."

Word is that after the election the Congress will gather and strike up this grand bargain. They will do this "outside of the glare of the camera lights" where reporters can't hound them (no transparency), and interest groups can't pressure them (no accountability). They want to do this "in a room" so they "don't have to worry about public backlash." (No democracy.) They will emerge from this room with a "deal" that has to be voted up or down. (More for the 1%, less for the 99%.)

So, when they have their "deal" will the country be able to move on?

Digby points out and Atrios echoes that the next day they'll just start again, working to gut even more of government.

They won't be happy because a deficit deal is not the real reason for this charade. As we already know, they don't honor deals, because the deals are only the cover story for the real agenda. OF COURSE they'll just use a "grand bargain" as the new starting line. They don't care about deficits, they care about getting rid of government and the things democracy does for We, the People. THAT is their goal, concern over "the deficit" is their cover story. They caused the deficit! If the "deficit hawks" cared about deficits they wouldn't have caused them in the first place.

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