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The National Mediation Board has ordered American Airlines to conduct a union election on May 17, and American Airlines said never mind the law, they won’t do it. Seeking to delay the election, they are suing.

CBS: American Airlines sues to stop union election,

American Airlines is suing a federal agency to block a union from holding an election to represent about 10,000 nonunion employees.

… American is already fighting with three other unions that represent nearly 55,000 of its 73,000 employees. American and parent AMR Corp. are operating under bankruptcy protection and have demanded about $1 billion in annual concessions from unions representing pilots, flight attendants and ground workers.

Pay attention: when one company is able to get around the laws to “cut costs” — meaning YOU — this gives them a competitive advantage over companies that respect their employees and want to pay them what they are worth, and provide benefits. This forces other companies to cut back as well, whether they want to or not. So it is important to you that this not be allowed to happen.

The Communication Workers of America (CWA) has an action alert out, and you should go help out. Click through to Is American Airlines above the law?,

The National Mediation Board (NMB) set May 17 as the date for a union representation election for over 9,600 ticket, gate and reservation agents at American Airlines. But in a reckless disregard for the rule of law, American Airlines has simply decided to refuse to provide employees addresses so voting instructions for the election can be mailed by the NMB.

Use our simple form below to send a letter to National Mediation Board General Counsel Mary Johnson asking her to stand up to American Airlines and ensure the election moves forward.

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