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Tuesday the Senate voted 54 to 45 to reject a resolution disapproving of the NLRB decision to speed up union elections. The new rules take effect Monday. This is a victory for working people.

The new rules simplify the process and and put off various challenges that companies have been using to delay elections while they bombard employees with pressure, threats, lies, intimidation, misrepresentations and everything else they can throw at workers to try to get them to vote against unionizing.

In the April 16 post, Little-Noticed But Crucial Senate NLRB Vote Coming, I explained the rule,

Last year the NLRB approved rules speeding up union-certification elections. This rule is needed because companies have been “filibustering” union elections with various tactics like bringing up meaningless and frivolous issues all the way through to the last stages of the process. All the while they saturate the workers with anti-union, intimidation threats and propaganda. (“We’ll have to close the plant if a union comes in” “You can’t get raises because unions rules don’t allow it.” “The unions takes more than half your wages, and calls it dues.” “Union thug bosses will give your job to their brothers-in-law.” — the whole time keeping union reps from having access to counter the propaganda.)

This Senate vote is a victory for working people. It will make a difference, and more people will be able to gain union representation in the workplace.

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