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Congressman Raul Grijalva has introduced The Border Infrastructure and Jobs Act of 2011. (Fronteriza Y Trabajos 2011.) According to the Nogales International, this is a bill to “strengthen cross-border trade; modernize and expand border transportation; adequately staff the ports of entry; invest in innovation and research; and revitalize small business activity. Grijalva (D- Ariz.) said the new legislation would only apply to Arizona and its ports of entry at Nogales, San Luis and Douglas.”

Jobs: The bill calls for adding 500 Customs and Border Protection officers to help move cross-border traffic, reducing border waits.

Funding would come from already-appropriated Homeland Security amounts,

Grijalva plans on financing the bill by redirecting funds from existing agencies like the Department of Homeland Security’s capital investment programs, he said.

“They have capital investment programs looking for technological investments for the future with a budget of $750 billion,” Grijalva said. “Give us $250 billion and that will get us a long way toward that goal.”

Rep. Grijalva talked about the bill on Countdown With Keith Olbermann:

“Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva announces his new bill, the “Border Infrastructure and Jobs Act of 2011,” designed to strengthen cross-border trade, improve regional infrastructure and create up to 35,000 jobs in Arizona alone. Keith discusses the bill’s details with Grijalva.”

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