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They’re at it again. The same congressional Republicans who find any excuse to cut taxes for multimillionaires are blocking renewal of tax cuts to help the middle class stay afloat in this struggling economy.

Just when the economy seems to be gaining momentum, congressional Republicans seem intent on sabotaging it.

Instead of simply renewing the vital payroll tax cut – and extending unemployment insurance – they are piling on irrelevant demands, arguing with each other, and forcing yet another unnecessary crisis.

Extending the payroll tax cut for the full year will give the average American an additional $1,000, a $40 boost in each paycheck. This will help sustain the demand vital to creating jobs.

Republican antics make no sense. The sabotage must stop.

The question for Mitt Romney is: You claim to lead this party, are you willing to stand up for common sense?

Click here to tell Mitt Romney: Speak out for the payroll tax cut. Demand your fellow Republicans in Congress stop obstructing it.

Mitt Romney says he’s for helping the middle class (though he never mentions the working poor.)

Mitt Romney says he’s for an extension of the payroll tax cut (though in October he derided it as a “temporary little Band-Aid.”)

But he’s never fought for it. He’s never challenged those in his own party who obstruct, delay, distract, drag their feet and create unnecessary anxiety for the 99%.

If he means what he says, if he knows how to lead, he’ll speak truth to his party.

Click here to tell Mitt Romney: Call on your party to stop obstructing the payroll tax cut.

Does Mitt Romney want to help Americans in need? Or does he too want to sabotage the economy to serve his political ends?

Mitt Romney claims to be a leader. Let him know: it is time to lead.

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