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What would Martin Luther King do if he were alive today?

Monday is the Martin Luther Kind national holiday, when we mark his birth and reflect on the ongoing movement for civil rights. human rights and economic opportunity and equality. King worked hard to help poor, working people. He was assassinated in Memphis, where he was helping sanitation workers — public employees — unionize to gain better pay and better working conditions.

An email from Rebuild the Dream says: “MLK Day is a special day to think about the past and future of America’s movements for justice. The Civil Rights Movement did not end with Dr. King’s death. Many have never stopped fighting — communities of color, women, LGBT and immigrant rights activists, and many others have continued to demand justice and equality for all people. Can you connect more deeply with these ongoing struggles? How can today’s struggle to build an economy that works for all become even bigger, more powerful, and more inclusive in 2012? What would Dr. King do, if he were alive today? What would he do, if he were you?

What You Can Do

Join with Rebuild the Dream members who are hosting MLK Day Movement Meet-ups across the country to celebrate Dr. King and the movement he stood for, joined with today’s struggle for an economy that works for all.

Click here to find an MLK Meet-up near you, or host one of your own:

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From Rebuild the Dream:

Century after century, generation after generation, countless people of all different backgrounds have continued to arrive on America’s shores. Beyond our differences there lies the promise that maybe we can carve a better future for ourselves and our children and our children’s children, with opportunity and justice for all. This was the dream our country was founded on, and Dr. King’s dream throughout the Civil Rights Movement. Let’s gather this MLK Day and commit to continuing Dr. King’s fight for the dream.

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