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Republicans continue to expose the real Romney:

In Politico, Richard Viguerie, the New Right mass mail mogul, makes the case that Romney is a lowlife "crony capitalist"

To Mitt Romney, venture capitalist, the average worker is an expendable line on a spreadsheet, until that worker’s tax dollars were needed to bailout financiers who promoted the leveraged buyouts and packaged the exotic financial instruments that led to the financial meltdown of 2008.

Who is more anti-capitalist? Is it Romney’s opponents, who question whether or not a form of capitalism that allows a handful or rich people to avoid moral hazard, manipulate the lives of thousands of other people and then walk off with the money by getting a bailout from the taxpayers?

Or are the real anti-capitalists Mitt Romney, and his establishment friends in the Washington – Wall Street Axis, who hypocritically like having the option of firing the little guy and stripping the factory on Main Street on the way up, but then use their inside power and influence to demand those same little taxpayers bail them out on the way down?

Great stuff. The New Right mail guru summoning Main Street against the Bain vulture capitalist. But forget about the Tea Party, Republicans -- including the utterly cynical South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint -- going with the vultures. No wonder Romney raised $24 million in the last quarter; Wall Street is going all in for him.

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