State of Interdependence

Rick Santorum finally had his moment on the RNC convention stage, all b.
Terrance Heath

Romney and the Republican Memory Hole

Mitt Romney laid out his case to the American people last night. The speech was long, bloated with the sleep inducing poll tested patriotic treacle and banal pieties that have become inescapable on these occasions. Mitt Romney campaigns in prose, with a mind given to power point not poetry.
Robert Borosage

Takin’ It To the Suites

When we turned on the TV to watch the Republican Convention this evening we saw what appeared to be a hyperactive GOP advance man gesticulating from the stage.
Richard Eskow

Are Republicans ‘Crazy?’ Not If You Follow the Money

Their opponents shouldn't be too quick to call Republicans "crazy." It makes more sense to employ that time-honored investigative principle: Follow the money. Sure, they've said crazy things -- in their speeches and in their official platform. But crazy?
Richard Eskow

When Accountants Go Bad: Scandal-Plagued Firms Turn Out For Romney

The presence of scandal-ridden accounting firms on Mitt Romney's fundraising list got me to thinking: What do they expect to get for their money? And why does the accounting profession seem to be so riddled with corruption? And it reminded me of something that happened years ago.
Richard Eskow

Flying Their Wealth Flag Proudly

Ok, this is just getting ridiculous now: Gov. Mitt Romney's campaign toasted its top donors Wednesday aboard a 150-foot yacht flying the flag of the Cayman Islands.

The Hard Truth about Romney’s Republican Party

What defines Mitt Romney's Republican Party? In his keynote address to the Republican convention, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie argued that this is the party of "hard truths," ready to tackle our debt and deficits.
Robert Borosage

Bill Koch Antoinette?

What do Marie Antoinette and one Bill Koch have in common?
Terrance Heath

What Did Mitt Learn At Bain?

Mitt Romney (or someone) writes (or writes for him) in Murdoch/Al-Waleed's Wall Street Journal, that lessons he learned at Bain Capital will help him turn the country around if he is elected President. Is he right?

Big Banker Bill Harrison’s Bogus Brief For Broken Big Banks

Every day we rise and tell ourselves this will be a good day, free of that unique combination of predation, self-pity, mediocrity and disingenousness which characterizes the modern bank executive. And every day somebody proves us wrong.
Richard Eskow

The Two Things Elizabeth Warren Needs To Do

This week's Public Policy Polling poll showing Republican Sen. Scott Brown opening up a 5-point lead over Consumer Financial Protection Bureau architect Elizabeth Warren will certainly be a wake-up call to her campaign and her supporters. But will she, and we, draw the right lessons?
Bill Scher

A New Strategy for Prosperity

The following is a short version of the visionary report "Prosperity Economics" by Jacob S.
Roger Hickey

Romney and Ryan: The Right Kind of “Welfare Queens”

She's baaaaa-aaaack! The Romney/Ryan campaign has resurrected Reagan's "Welfare Queen." It would be laughable, if they weren't serious, if the stakes weren't so high, and if there weren't so likely to get away with it.
Terrance Heath
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