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Verizon is the example today of what is happening to all of our jobs, benefits and standard of living. Verizon is extremely profitable, making billions and billions. Verizon’s executives are very, very well paid. Some make $50,000 a day. And Verizon is demanding that its workers take $1 billion in pay and benefit cuts, and allow even more offshoring of even more jobs.

This is the same fight we are all in now. There is something you can do. You can join Verizon’s workers on the picket lines. This is a fight for your standard of living, not just for theirs.

Here Are Things You Can Do:

Join a picket line at your local Verizon store. Click to learn how.

Click here to learn ways that you can support Verizon’s workers.

Click here to Tell Verizon: Stop Attacking the Middle Class.

Join them! Click here for a map of local picket lines that you can join. I especially like this one: Adopt Verizon Wireless a store to picket and leaflet.

You can find more info here including signing up to receive updates.

“Like” them on Facebook.

Read strike coverage.

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