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After the Take Back The American Dream conference I attended a Jobs Not Cuts rally at the capitol. A few hundred people came from the conference to attend this rally, asking Congress to fix the country’s problems by creating jobs to modernize our country’s infrastructure instead of cutting essential social services.

Following is a brief slide show of a few pictures and videos I took at the rally:

Campus Progress has a writeup, video and more photos from the rally, VIDEO: Hundreds of Progressives March to Capitol in ‘Jobs, Not Cuts’ Rally,

The notion of American Dream is rapidly slipping through the fingers of an outraged middle class. But more than 2,000 rising leaders from across the nation made their presence known by taking a stand this week at the Take Back the American Dream conference, which concluded in Washington, DC, today with a rally.

The “Jobs, Not Cuts” rally on Capitol Hill served as the grand finale for the conference, and also as the starting point for a refreshed and motivated army of progressive activists and leaders.


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