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The September 2011 jobs numbers continue to send an SOS to Washington to act now on jobs.

This economy verges on another downturn. The few jobs being created are not sufficient even to employ the new people coming into workforce, much less to begin to reduce the 25 million in need of full time work. At current rates of growth, mass unemployment, declining wages and spreading poverty will continue. It is time to act.

This is a time for action on jobs, not cuts. The "Super Committee," an offspring of the ridiculous debt ceiling posturing, should wake up. Any report that fails to begin with investment to create jobs should be dead on arrival.

Conservatives keep talking about private job creators, but the reality is corporate profits are up, CEO salaries are up, but companies aren’t hiring, despite lavish tax incentives. They don’t lack confidence; they lack customers.

The Occupy Wall Street protests are just the tip of the iceberg if politicians do not respond to mass unemployment. There is work to be done; millions are desperate to work. America can borrow at record low interest rates. It is time to act.

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