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President Barack Obama today made sure that congressional Republicans will pay a political price if they continue to obstruct any action on jobs.

Asked whether he was merely campaigning instead of negotiating to pass a jobs bill, President Obama said he was “eager” to negotiate, but that would require Republicans actually make a proposal to do something.

Then, recognizing that Republicans would likely fall back on talking points about regulations and tax cuts for corporations, the President gave the assembled media, “homework”:

“Go ask the Republicans what their jobs plan is” and then have the same independent economists who scored the American Jobs Act do the same analysis on their alternative.

“I see some smirks in the audience — because you know that it’s not going to be real robust,” concluded the President.

If Republicans think that’s a cheap shot, all they have to do is propose something that will be scored well by independent economists — not just by hacks at the Heritage Foundation.

The ball is their court. And the President is making sure that the spotlight will be on them if they choose to drop it.

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