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The latest bold stroke for the growing American Dream movement is this new ad campaign from Democracy for America: Don’t Kill The Dream.

The DFA campaign — based at — targets obstructionist Republicans who are standing the way of legislation that would invest in jobs to grow the middle class and demand the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes.

And the campaign builds on the Contract for the American Dream, the 10-point program drafted by grassroots Americans at house parties across the country this summer and championed by a coalition led by and Rebuild the Dream.

The next step for the American Dream movement is to bring the Contract to the Oct. 3 to 5 “Take Back the American Dream” conference, sponsored by the Campaign for America’s Future in partnership with and Rebuild the Dream, as thousands will come to shake up Washington and force Congress to focus on what matters most to most Americans: jobs, not austerity.

There is still time to register and be part of this increasingly powerful American Dream movement. Click here and secure your spot today!

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