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Click here to sign the petition: "Draw Down Afghanistan. Build Up America." And click here to hear Robert Borosage tell NPR, "This policy has no clothes and it's going to change."

We went into Afghanistan to track down those who launched the 9/11 attacks on America. With Osama bin Laden dead, that mission has been accomplished.

Meanwhile, we have not completed the mission at home: to restore the American economy.

We have spent $400 billion on the war in Afghanistan since 2001. What was initially a hunt for the perpetrators of 9/11 turned into the endless task of nation-building in Afghanistan – followed by the even costlier invasion of Iraq.

Now, with bin Laden’s death, we still need to remain vigilant against the terrorist followers, dispersed across the world, who still seek to do us harm. Aggressive global international intelligence, police, and special forces activity are still required.

But surely it is time to end the effort to prop up the corrupt and incompetent Karzai regime in Afghanistan, led by someone who continually threatens to join the other side.

We cannot afford to continue spending over $10 billion a month and sacrificing lives and limbs in an endless quagmire with no remaining clear objective. Instead, we desperately need to create jobs by revitalizing our infrastructure, generating clean energy and educating our kids.

We can't single-handedly rebuild Afghanistan, but we can rebuild America.

The conservative naysayers say we are broke, but never say a peep about cost when it comes to financing war after war.

Yet investing in our own economy could help create millions of jobs and spark the robust growth necessary to alleviate our long-term fiscal challenges.

Bin Laden has been brought to justice. We’ve devoted lives and billions to building a nation in Afghanistan. Now it is time to spend big where we can make a difference. At home.

Please join us in sending the message to the White House and to the leaders in Congress. It is time to declare victory and come home.

Sign the petition: Draw Down Afghanistan. Build Up America.

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