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Earlier this week, I offered advice to America’s highest-ranking libertarian Sen. Rand Paul how he could find a working toilet, and dispel his belief that the federal government will not allow him one.

Soon after, Grist’s David Roberts, dismayed at the Senator’s distress, responded to the call and recommended his Caroma “Sydney Smart” toilet. The dual-flush system allows you to use either 1.28 gallons or 0.8 gallons per flush, both well below current federal standards. But according to Roberts, it never clogs thanks to a particularly large 4-inch trapway.

To further call attention to the Senator’s plight, Grist has launched a contest that anyone can enter, and the lucky winner will get their very own Caroma toilet. That’s right, Senator! Now’s your chance!

Be proud that we live in a nation where people come together, not only to set smart standards to save our shared natural resources, to help our fellow individuals in need of relief.

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