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ABC News has been doing a series on Made In America, outfitting a Dallas family’s home entirely with products that are made here. Click through to see videos from this week, before and after photos, a guide to finding goods Made In America on the Internet, as well as links to more stories and information.

Key take-away point: if we all just spent 18 cents more a day on products made in America it would create 200,000 American jobs, and develop momentum for American manufacturing. So keep an eye on what you buy, and ask stores for things made here.

Sunday on the news show This Week ABC aired a summary video and conducted a roundtable that included Leo Gerard of the United Steelworkers. It is worth watching at least the summary video to see the house after everything non made in America was removed.

First, the set-up, that summarized the week’s series on Made in America:

Roundtable: Made in America, with David Muir, Leo Gerard, Christia Freeland and Mort Zuckerman.

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