Americans Are Greater Together

It wasn’t so much a vote as a proclamation of ideology last Thursday when Republicans filibustered Obama’s nominee to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The rebuff had nothing to […]
Leo Gerard

One Sweet Dream

If you want to get a good look at the disconnect between the governing and financial elites and the rest of the country take a look at this: According to […]

Supporting Muslims at Christmas

Like millions of American men, my Christmas list includes a bunch of power tools and do-it-yourself gadgets. (I’ve been hinting to my wife for weeks that the power sander on […]
Alan Jenkins

Not-Romney But Dumber Than Dubya

Rick Perry’s latest “oops” moments are this Monday’s low-hanging fruit for bloggers, and by now it’s low-hanging fruit that’s seems thoroughly picked over. Looking back over the Republican campaign thus […]
Terrance Heath

Nullifying Democracy

James Fallows: Before the episode recedes fully from the news, please read this item, by Jonathan Cohn on Thursday evening, about the extraordinary step the Senate Republicans took that day. […]

Hungry For the Holidays

Just in time for the holidays, conservatives are presenting their latest gift to America’s political discourse. Not satisfied with having creating and popularizing climate change denialism, and not even inequality […]
Terrance Heath

Budget Process Nonsense From Paul Ryan

This would be funny if it weren’t so sad in so many ways: House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) has proposed a series of changes in the congressional budget […]

Romneys Patient Zero

Rick Perry has famously said that if he is elected president all foreign aid will start at zero each year and be voted on individually on the merits, even including […]

Republican Sen Michael Enzi Let Employers Discriminate

Republican Sen. Michael Enzi says it should be perfectly legal for a business to engage in employment discrimination against a person who is unemployed. Enzi, the Wyoming senator who is […]
Isaiah J. Poole

Senate Republicans Stand With Wall Street

“Which side are you on?” That question, posed by Florence Reece in a pro-union song she wrote in 1931, echoes across the country today, in the form of the Occupy […]
Terrance Heath

Verizon Fires 40 Workers From Strike

Verizon has fired 40 workers who took part in the strike this summer, saying they engaged in misconduct. Union leaders say this is a “heavy-handed” negotiating tactic to push for […]

Poverty On the Rise – Occupy On the Run [TV interview]

Yesterday on RT Television we discussed the latest poverty figures, the increasingly visible camps of homeless people, and the nationwide crackdown on the Occupy movement. How do we keep the […]
Richard Eskow

The iWont Campaign

Companies that take away middle-class jobs should not be rewarded. Verizon’s workers are asking people to buy or upgrade Verizon iPhones only when Verizon gives workers a fair deal and […]

Verizon Workers To Join #OWS Friday

Tomorrow (Friday) as many as 1,000 Verizon workers will march with Occupy Wall Street in a protest against Verizon corporate greed. Verizon’s workers are engaged in “save the middle class” […]

The Trauma Of Unemployment

This is an interesting post about a new study tracking the attitudes of people who have lost jobs in the Great Recession. You can click the link to get to […]

Its Not About Cordray

It seems ages ago (Doesn’t it?) that progressives were pushing hard to get Elizabeth Warren appointed to head her brainchild, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. We know how that worked […]
Terrance Heath

Ireland Occupied

In the past year, I’ve written so much about Ireland and its economy (here, here, here, here, and here) that I’m in the habit of keeping an eye out for […]
Terrance Heath

Obamas Populism and the Ghost of Teddy Roosevelt

This morning Barack Obama channeled one of American history’s truly transformative figures by visiting the tiny Kansas town where Teddy Roosevelt gave his “New Nationalism” speech over a century ago. […]
Richard Eskow

Hey GOP Give the 99 Percent Some Lovin’

MTV needs to stop giving that creepy vampire guy and moony human girl in the “Twilight” series the “best kiss” prize in its annual movie awards because it’s Republicans who […]
Leo Gerard
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