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If there is one thing that Tea Party members hate, it’s government health care. I guess that’s why so many of them want the government to keep away from their Medicare. (You may have seen ad after ad last month blasting Democrats because Obamacare “cut Medicare.” See some of the ads below.)

ANYway, now some of the Tea Party got elected and are on their way to Washington, and what is the first thing they want? See if you can guess. Here is a hint: it’s government health care.

That’s right, after campaigning against government run health care — and campaigning that they should be in office instead of Democrats because Democrats cut their government-run Medicare, which they didn’t actually do, now they are IN office and they want them some of that government health care for themselves.

Tea Party Members don’t want them to do that at all. From TPM: Poll: Republicans Want Anti-HCR GOPers To Just Say No To Gov’t Health Care,

… a new national poll from Democratic firm PPP, which shows big majorities of GOP and independent voters saying the politicians who ran against the health care reform law should forgo the health care benefits they’re entitled to as employees of the federal government.

Just 28% of Republican respondents said that new anti-reform members should take their federal benefits, while a whopping 58% said they shouldn’t.

Among independents — who voted for the GOP in big numbers on Nov. 2 — 56% say politicians who made health care repeal a cornerstone of their campaigns should deny themselves their government benefits. Only 27% said they should take them.

Tea Party members say they shouldn’t. But they will.

Here are some of the ads complaining that Democrats should be thrown out for cutting Medicare:

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