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What was that again about a “center-right” nation?

A new CNN poll finds only one-third of Americans backs the congressional Republican position for extending the Bush tax breaks to those earning more than $250,000 a year.

Nearly half of American share President Obama’s position to only extend the Bush tax cuts on income below $250,000 (of which even the wealthy would get a piece.) Another 15% take the “pain caucus” stance that all the tax cuts should expire, despite the struggling economy.

Despite this clear cut picture, congressional Republicans continue to refuse to entertain any proposed compromises on the expiring Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

Which I find strange. After all, having the tax cuts expire was a Republican idea in the first place.

They are the ones that crafted the Bush-era tax cuts to be temporary. They are the ones that passed legislation for all the tax rates to abruptly jump up in 2011, because the long-term impact on the deficit couldn’t be justified.

President Bush repeatedly campaigned to “make the tax cuts permanent,” but the brave Republican-led Congress did not oblige.

Now, all of a sudden, Republicans want to scrap their own 10-year plan and greatly expand the budget deficit, to satisfy a very small group of taxpayers despite public opinion.


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