Tea Party Members VS Tea Party Wall Street Funders

Dave Johnson

The Tea Party hates the Federal Reserve. You hear it over and over:
Tea Partiers support audit of Federal Reserve.
Tea Party could challenge Federal Reserve.
From Tea Party Advocates, Anger at the Federal Reserve.
Audit the Federal Reserve – Toledo TEA Party.
Tea Party Patriots | The Secret of Oz – Federal Reserve.
NH Tea Party: Federal Reserve Must Go
American Tea Party Constitutional Coalition: The Federal Reserve – A Scam!.

THIS is the member of Congress that the Tea Party’s funders are trying hardest to defeat:

Go figure.

In the following paragraph, please click the links. If you are a Tea Party supporter, PLEASE click the links:

Do you think the tea party is getting played? Any Tea Partier who votes for these guys is being played for a sucker. The 12 leading Tea Party Senate candidates have accepted over $4.6 million in campaign contributions from Wall Street for the upcoming election. (See the list.)

What will Tea Party members do when their politicians betray them?

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