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Are you progressive? Young? Person of color?

Well, then the pollsters say you are not a “likely voter.”

And the media thinks if you are not a pollster-approved “likely voter” – even though the pollsters themselves can’t agree what exactly makes you a pollster-approved “likely voter” — then you don’t much matter.

But at the end of Election Day, pollsters don’t decide who votes. You do.

If you participate on a social network like Facebook or Twitter, go to, and download the profile picture graphic of your choice that says “I’m voting” and what progressive issue you’re voting for.

Why is it important to state your intentions now?

Because the media narrative regarding what this election is about is already being written.

And it’s being written based on these deeply slanted polls, which Republican pollster Kristen Soltis recently warned have been oversampling conservatives relative to historical voting patterns.

Politico even went as far as to judge President Barack Obama’s re-election prospects in 2012, based on its assumption of who are “likely voters” in 2010.

And Rachel Maddow last night trashed her media brethren for repeatedly peddling the conservatives’ desired narratives that the elections are about slashing the deficit and restraining government, when there is plenty of evidence to the contrary.

Sometimes voters make a point to prove media narratives wrong. But other times, media narratives can become self-fulfilling prophecies, deflating voters into thinking that a result is pre-ordained, and their votes won’t matter.

Your vote always matters. It’s up to us to remind the media of that fact now.

Go to, and speak up.

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