The Health-Care Ad Wars Corporate-Funded Propaganda vs Jack Black

Bill Scher

Discrediting corporate-funded right-wing smears remains the greatest challenge to advancing progressive change. Health Care For America Now’s new campaign Stop Spewman starring Jack Black is off to a fantastic start.

It’s always important to do the tedious work of debunking the specific smears continually catapulted by the conservative movement. But if fact checks were enough, we wouldn’t still be drowning in lies.

Jack Black, playing corporate “misinformant” Nathan Spewman, brilliantly depicts the inherent absurdity of the right-wing attack machine that hopefully will help inoculate casual news consumers from their poison. And his 8-year old sidekick “Bethany” looks to be a breakout star!

Thankfully, it looks as if there’s more Stop Spewman to come. Not a moment too soon.

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