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I appeared on the Stephanie Miller Show yesterday with guest host John Fugelsang to discuss Social Security and the Deficit Commission.  He’d seen my piece on the fact that the Commission members who want to cut retirement benefits all have excellent retirement plans themselves, thanks to Uncle Sam (that is, us).  

The exchange at the very start of the interview won’t make sense if you didn’t hear the joke John had just made about people who use the word “the” when they shouldn’t and don’t … oh, forget it.  We started out kidding around and talking about the personalities involved, but wound up getting to the real point:  Everybody who works hard should be free from financial insecurity when they retire, especially when you consider the fact that Social Security doesn’t contribute to the deficit.

Not.  One.  Dime.

(See what I did there?  I separated the words with periods and capitalized each one.  That indicates that I said it very firmly.  That’s how we do things on the Internet.)

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Click above to hear the interview.

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