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Dave Johnson asks the question: “Is It A Social Security OR A Deficit Commission?” And he answers: “Social. Security. Does. Not. Contribute. To. The. Deficit.”

One person that would appear to agree is the White House’s deficit commission executive director Bruce Reed. He told the New York Times last week: “Some on the left are concerned that Social Security would be used for deficit reduction purposes, and that’s not anybody’s goal.”

OK then, we agree! If reforming Social Security would not be used for deficit reduction, then it must be that Social Security has nothing to do with the budget deficit.

Of course, Reed goes on to say there needs to be “action to strengthen Social Security’s solvency over the long haul,” suggesting that the deficit commission will still push for reforms anyway.

But his admission is revealing.

Even the deficit hysterics often blurred the issues together to try to stoke a sense of false crisis, deep down they know that Social Security is not about the deficit.

There’s nothing wrong with debating how much Social Security needs reform to strengthen its long-term outlook. We have a place for that. It’s called Congress. Social Security does not belong on the deficit commission’s table.

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