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If you have a yellow “Support Our Troops” sticker on your car – or even if you don’t – you should know the name of the Senators who just traded in our troops, their families, and our military readiness for the easy cash offered by auto dealers. There’s no rational policy reason for this exclusion: It’s special interest politics, pure and simple. These Senators acted against the objections of military leaders and Gen. Petraeus’ wife Holly. But they’re not just voting to hurt soldiers: Every American who buys a car on credit is likely to suffer if this “instruction to Senate negotiators” prevails..

Call it “clunkers for cash.” Auto dealers are generous with their campaign contributions, both individually and as a group. And they’re usually community leaders, active and influential in local politics (and local campaign giving). The National Auto Dealers Association, the lobbying group for new and used car vendor, called the tune and these solons danced. Take a look at the Association’s leadership and then ask yourselves: Would you buy a used Senator from these men?

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