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In March I wrote about the closing of the Toyota NUMMI plant in Fremont, California..

Today there is good news! The Green Manufacturing Revolution comes to the rescue, and Toyota is teaming up with electric car maker Tesla to reopen the plant and make all-electric sedans.

In a stunning deal, Tesla Motors announced late Thursday that it is teaming up with Toyota to build its all-electric Model S sedan at the recently shuttered NUMMI plant in Fremont, creating more than 1,000 new jobs.

. . . Tesla will use the former New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. plant to begin production of the Model S, a sedan that can seat five adults and two children and has a range of 300 miles. Once it reaches full production at the NUMMI plant, Tesla expects to produce 20,000 electric vehicles each year, which will sell for $50,000.
But the Model S would occupy only a small part of the NUMMI plant, leaving room for Tesla and Toyota to manufacture other models of electric cars there.

I have been for a ride in a friend's Tesla. This is the sports car not the sedan. It is like a rocket ship, like the rocket sled movies from the 50s where your face is drawn back by the acceleration. It is incredibly smooth and quiet.

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