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For many years we’ve been hearing about outsourcing and offshoring. President Obama has started taking steps to rebalance world trade and the pendulum is about to start swinging the other way. More and more often you’ll be hearing new words: “insourcing,” “on-shoring” and “re-shoring.”

Watch this CNBC segment from Friday, Made in America Making a Comeback.

The segment talks about an upcoming Contract Manufacturing Purchasing Fair that focuses on “re-shoring.” From their literature:

Objective: A one-stop for OEMs to find competitive U.S.-based sources.

*As always, the Fair provides an opportunity for OEMs to find quality suppliers in the U.S.

*This year, we are also encouraging OEMs to rethink the sourcing paradigm from “Off-Shored is Cheaper” to “Local Reduces Total Cost of Ownership.”

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