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The exploitation of the Senate rules to obstruct the majority will has reach it’s inevitable but inane endpoint.

Sen. Jim Bunning has single-handledly forced the furlough of 2,000 transportation workers and cut off hundreds of thousands unemployed Americans from critical assistance — benefits that stimulate the overall economy for everyone.

That’s what happens when the congressional minority filibusters at a “record-setting pace” to make it impossible to govern. People lose jobs.

The White House is seeking to step up the pressure on Bunning.. CQ Politics reports that “Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said Congress must stop playing ‘political games’ and pointed the finger at Sen. Jim Bunning , R-Ky. … [His office] released a state-by-state list of federal lands construction projects that are affected — a list designed to catch lawmakers’ attention. The projects span 17 states, as well as Washington, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.”

What’s the response from Senate Republicans today? Are they pressuring Bunning to stop? Apparently not. According to CQ Politics, they’re trying to shift blame to House Democrats for not immediately passing the Senate jobs bill, which has nothing to do with the damage Bunning’s filibuster has already caused.

What was Sen. Bunning’s response to this today? To flash his middle finger to an ABC reporter asking him questions.


What can you do to help jack up the pressure?

Campaign for America’s Future is calling on the Senate Republican leadership to rein in their reckless filibusterer. We’ve created a Twitter-based petition at that allows Twitter users to tell the Senate Republican leadership directly: “stop holding unemployed Americans hostage to your obstruction agenda.”

The cruel and callous obstructionist tactics must end if we are to put America back to work and start governing our country like adults.

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