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During the lunch break of today’s health care summit, C-Span 3 took two calls from Republican voters appalled at what they saw from their own party’s congressional leaders.

One praised President Obama for trying to tackle a serious problem, while lamenting the congresspeople in his own party who clearly would not “meet the President halfway.”

The second was even angrier, saying he was “ashamed” of his party’s congresspeople and that the Republican Party acronym of G.O.P. should no longer mean “Grand Old Party” but “Grand Obstructionist Oppressive Party.” (G.O.O.P is kinda catchy.)

Literally no Republican attending the summit made the slightest attempt to seek common ground, despite repeated openings from the President.

And the obstructionist spectacle apparently is making even Republican voters wince.

If skittish Democrats were worried about passing health care using Senate budget rules that allow for a simple majority vote, they can now feel reassured that seeing conservative obstruction up close is far more revolting to the American public.

The summit has done its jobs. And the verdict is in.

The only way health care gets done, the only way we tackle the long-term budget deficit, the only way we lower the cost of premiums, the only way we extend coverage to more than 30 million Americans, is for 50 Democrats to do it.

There is no need to wait one more day.

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