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Yesterday I noted that we 402,000 new jobs a month, for three years if we are to simply return to the level of employment we had before the recession.

The latest monthly employment report showed a slight dip in the unemployment rate and underemployment rate, but also another loss of 20,000 jobs. (As Paul Krugman reminds, these are all rough estimates based on surveys: “When employment growth is near zero, on either side, it’s not that surprising that the surveys should point in opposite directions.”)

We are nowhere near the rate of job creation needed to have a robust recovery.

Yet the Senate still has not produced a jobs bill proposal equal to the size of the problem.

The Senate is understandably struggling to pass anything of significance in the face of widespread obstruction from the conservative minority.

But the only way to change that dynamic and shame at least a few conservatives into getting out the way, is to speak up.

Click here to tell your Senators: pass a real jobs bill.

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