The Big G20 Demonstration

The big “Bail Out The People” demonstration marched through Pittsburgh. There were somewhere between 3-5,000 people. They were peaceful. There was a contingent of anarchists, wearing masks of various types, shouting with raised fists which needless to say made the police really nervous.

I have several photos for you.

The demonstrators coming down the street. The sign reads “Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign.”

“CEOs are Thieves”

“Greed Kills”

“People Before Profit”

The last guy in the march beating a last drum for the last bailed out banker’s bonus

There was also a large Falun Gong contingent. Let me know if you want me to post pictures of them.

It appeared that the police might have outnumbered the demonstrators. I have iPhone video which I can try to post that shows just how many police there were, just where I was. One the one hand there were people looking for trouble, who broke lots of windows and threw bricks at the police last night. On the other hand it is highly intimidating and creates an atmosphere where people are afraid to join peaceful protests.

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