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[HCIP] Let’s Pass Ted Kennedy’s Health Plan

***HEALTHCARE FOR ALL INFORMATION PROJECT***Sign up to receive our Health Care Information Project by email. Check the box next to Health Care for All • 1. Let’s Pass Ted Kennedy’s Health Plan by Roger Hickey, The Huffington Post, August 31, 2009 • 2....

The Executive Pay Bubble: A New Progressive Appraisal

Top execs in high finance, says the Institute for Policy Studies, have turned hard times — for the American people — into a springboard for still another round of huge pay windfalls. Is the CEO pay bubble now beyond popping? Researchers at the Institute for Policy...

Productivity Rose, Workers Didn’t

Today’s “Productivity and Costs” data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics contain what looks like good news. “Labor productivity increased at a 6.6 percent annual rate during the second quarter of 2009.” The Associated Press adds context to the data: “Worker...

Obama’s September Choice: Charge or Trim?

As Congress returns from its summer recess, President Obama, slipping in the polls, assailed on all sides by the carpers, faces a strategic choice: Lead the charge, rally Democrats, and push forward on his agenda, starting with health care reform or trim his sails and...

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