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Our own Roger Hickey was featured on MSNBC's The Ed Show yesterday, discussing the broad progressive response to the lobbyist-funded right-wing attempt to seize the congressional town halls.

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This is just one example of how the modern progressive movement was able to prevent the guerrilla right-wing attack from being easily portrayed as a grassroots response from the political center.

Within 24 hours of the first reports of right-wing shenanigans, progressive bloggers and organizations were detailing the protests ties to special interest lobbyists and highlighting extremist rhetoric that clearly distinguishes the protesters from the vast majority of Americans who want health care reform.

Sure, some early media reports inaccurately credited the protesters with reflecting broad anxiety of pending legislation. But I'd suggest that by the end of week, a better understanding of where these disruptions are coming from has been communicated.

Those of us outside of official Washington pushing for real reform are doing an infinitely better job than in 1994, thanks to the rise of an internet-based 21st century progressive movement.

The job is far from done, but we are as well positioned as ever.

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