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Marc Ambinder is spending a lot of blogging energy defending his peeps at CBS for this news report giving the right-wing Birther mob credit for representing concerns about health care reform from the electoral middle. He writes:

A majority of the public supports reform in principle and, broadly, in practice, but they are also worried about more government control, about the costs of reform, and whether they’ll see any benefit. These aren’t dumb or unfounded worries. It’s not surprising that the meetings tend to attract those who oppose reform, and these formats generically attract louder, less shy voices. No doubt: some of the loudest voices were prompted to attend the rallies because they hate Obama and want him to fail and because they were asked to do so by conservative groups. That doesn’t make the protests illegitimate.

I don’t consider Ambinder to be a right-wing shill. He’s giving sincere analysis, as he always does. Just in this case, he’s wrong.

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