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I’ve blogged about my novel, 2044, here and here. 2044 is a future tale that starts where George Orwell’s 1984 left off. The problem in 2044 isn’t Big Brother and the leviathan government. The problem is Big Brother, Inc., and the all-powerful marketplace.

This post broadens the horizons. FireDogLake will feature 2044 on its book salon on Sunday.

If you weren’t familiar already, FireDogLake’s book salon is a terrific forum where authors discuss their work. It’s an on-line conversation and a chance for direct Q&A on important subjects. This Sunday’s forum will put me in the company of James Galbraith (about the economy), Tom Ricks (about Iraq) and Eric Boehlert (about blogging on the bus), who have all been on Firedog’s book salon. Of course, I’ll be talking about 2044, my new novel where the government doesn’t take over. It gets taken over.

The salon takes place every Sunday evening.
I’ll be on this Sunday, July 6 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. EDT. Right after we celebrate our independence.

Please join us. And ask me a question. A hard one.
It’s not necessary but of course it’s more than okay if you buy a book.

    PS: Chapter one is available on my web page.

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