2044: The Novel Comes True

Remember a while ago I wrote about my new novel, 2044? 2044 starts where George Orwell’s 1984 left off. The problem isn’t Big Brother and the leviathan government. The problem […]

Working America Rallies Behind Climate Bill

It took a very long time to end the fallacy that you can’t protect the environment and grow the economy at the same time. But that day has come. The […]
Bill Scher

End Health Disparities With Health Care For All

The debate over health care reform has taken a particularly worrisome turn. Suddenly we’re in a place where passing something kind of like reform may be more important than getting […]
Terrance Heath

Downsizing for Fun, Profit, and Chaos

Behind every defective U.S. private enterprise, suggests a surprising new report from inside Corporate America, sits a top executive effective at grabbing for windfalls. Corporate takeover deals that pay off […]

‘Incomes Surge’? Furloughs Tell A Different Story

I suspected there was something being left unsaid when the headlines began streaming this morning that personal incomes in May surged 1.4 percent. And, indeed, there was. It is in […]
Isaiah J. Poole