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The email came from GOPUSA, whose mission is to “spread the conservative message throughout America.” The editorial, “Barack Obama’s Dream Cabinet”, caught my attention. I’m curious and thought they might have insight to offer. So I indulged a click.

Here then are the predictions for cabinet. These are the prospects that I am supposed to associate with an Obama presidency:

• Secretary of Education: William Ayers. He’s a professor now but “[h]e is also a self-proclaimed Marxist, anarchist and domestic terrorist who brags about having set off bombs at the Pentagon.”

• Health and Human Services: Doctor Jack Kevorkian: The author wasn’t sure if he’s still alive, but if so he “really would be perfect to carry out Obama's creepy anti-life policies.”

• Secretary of State: Noam Chomsky, “widely known as a political dissident, anarchist and socialist intellectual.”

These are not jokes. The editorial is written as if serious. The author wanted to inform voters what might happen if Barack Obama were elected President and could “appoint people to his cabinet who share his view of the world.”

I was not informed. That was not information but an insult. None of these possibilities are serious and none show insight into actual potential nominees or the direction Obama may guide the country. Do they really think I’m that stupid? Do they think conservatives are that stupid? As Bill Scher puts it, conservatives are “addicted to snidery” and “sowing the seeds of their own demise.”

Conservatives once had ideas. Small government and local control are genuine constitutional values. All of us value families. But conservatives have made a mockery of these ideas. Surely some sincere conservatives are left somewhere; I hope they can swim to the surface.

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