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Reporters always complain that there is no news at political conventions any more. Perhaps. But there is news outside the convention hall: the loud buzz of progressive activity, organizing and mobilizing around big issues, hundreds of decibels louder than at the Democratic convention of 2004.

All my partner, and Heritage Foundation blogger, Conn Carroll could do was scoff at the notion that “The Big Tent is sponsoring no less than ten panels about global warming this week.” But all that shows is progressives are coming to Denver to work, and work hard.

With that in mind, allow me to share with you me a few more interviews from my Monday of live streaming (Tuesday’s stream should get going around 9 AM MT).

Arianna Huffington shares what she expects from convention week.

Claire Silberman discussed how Crafting Liberally — part of the Living Liberally empire — is helping expand the progressive community.

While Michael and Al Shaw, father-and-son team at BAGnewsNotes, talked about how progressives still lag conservatives in using visuals to communicate ideas.

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