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Every Friday in our Weekend Watchdog feature, we post suggested questions for scheduled Sunday guests. You can add your own questions in the comment thread. We’ll also include contact information for the shows, so we can let them know what their viewers want asked. We’ll post a wrap-up here on the blog on Monday.

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson (CBS’ Face The Nation): Your Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bailout proposal was criticized by Robert Borosage as “Wall Street socialism. Their losses are socialized; their profits are pocketed. You and I will pay for their failures … their families will pocket their successes.” If taxpayers are going to bailout Fannie and Freddie, shouldn’t taxpayers demand something in return?

For Vice-President Al Gore (NBC’s Meet The Press): You said in your clean energy speech this week, “It is only a truly dysfunctional system that would buy into the perverse logic that the short-term answer to high gasoline prices is drilling for more oil ten years from now. Am I the only one who finds it strange that our government so often adopts a so-called solution that has absolutely nothing to do with the problem it is supposed to address?”

Where did you get the crazy idea that coastal drilling wouldn’t lower gas prices? The Energy Department?

For Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn. (CBS’ Face The Nation): You have recently indicated a possibility of joining the Republican Party after the current session of Congress. But when you ran for re-election in 2006, you “unequivocally” pledged to caucus with the Democratic Party. Why are you entertaining the possibility of breaking your word to your constituents?


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