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Another 0-for-3 day for the Sunday shows, as they ignore the Watchdog’s calls for questions on the oil shale boondoggle, the Minnesota bridge collapse, and the Justice Department political hiring scandal.

On NBC’s Meet The Press, Tom Brokaw asked the Colorado and Wyoming governors a series of questions about energy prices and the environment, but oddly ignored the issue that directly impacts those states: President Bush’s proposal to lift the federal ban on oil shale leasing.

But worth noting was Governor Dave Freudenthal’s (D-Wyo.) explanation of his energy stance:

The [Bush administration] answer to everything is drill for oil and gas. They’ve ignored coal, they’ve ignored nuclear, they’ve ignored wind, and just a couple of days ago they decided that they’re going to suspend all activities on solar on public lands.

What’s notable? No embrace, not even a mention, of oil shale — further evidence the Bush oil shale proposal is politically risky for his party.

On ABC’s This Week Gov. Tim Pawlenty, R-Minn., was not asked about his record on infrastructure in light of his state’s bridge collapse — which has become par for the course whenever Pawlenty appears on TV.

And finally, Sen. Joe Lieberman was not asked on CBS’ Face The Nation what his Senate committee on government operations will do in response to the Justice Department scandal of politicized hiring decisions. In fact, an effective media blackout of this scandal continues across broadcast television.

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